New Delhi: Be prepared to quench your thirst for fresh beer as the fast emerging trend of ‘micro beverage’ is all set to grip the national capital.

The fresh beer is manufactured on-spot, priced at same price as the packaged beer and is less harmful in consumption. The packaged beer with a long shelf-life has more alcohol percentage and contains glycerin content.

The ready to consume micro beverage beer is prepared by a smoke-free process in limited quantity using 500 ml to 5000 ml jars.

Therefore, keeping these aspects in mind, the Excise Department is also making efforts to promote the concept of fresh beers in bars. 

With the micro beverage bars turning popular in Haryana, Kolkata and Gurgaon, the Excise Department is engaged in deliberations with the Delhi Government to acquire the license for the same.

Owing to the people’s curiosity to watch beer prepared live in front of their eyes, the open kitchen restaurant culture prevails in America and many European countries.