Beijing: Fresh downpour lashed several parts of southern China, killing at least seven persons and triggering floods and landslides forcing over 55,000 people to evacuate, local authorities said.

Over the last two days, several parts of southern China, including Hubei, Hunan, Jiangxi, Guizhou, Anhui and Zhejiang province, are witnessing heavy rain.

Three people were killed by lightning in Guizhou in the last two days, while four others were killed in the northern Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region due to heavy downpours and hailstorms.

More than 55,000 people had been evacuated in Hubei City of Xianning, as downpours had raised the level of a local river by five meters as of 7 pm on Tuesday, according to local authorities.

Flooding and landslides triggered by earlier rounds of rainstorms had left 105 people dead and 63 more missing in the south over the past 10 days, the Ministry of Civil Affairs said.

Twenty-four counties and cities in Hubei have received over 50 mm of rainfall over the past day and the precipitation in Gong'an and Yingcheng has reached nearly 100 mm, said Xu Shuangzhu, chief weather forecaster at the observatory.

The flood control agency has also ordered precautions and checks for potential geological disasters and the relocation of residents.