New Delhi (Jagran News Network):

Cast: Richard Roxburgh, Alice Parkinson, Ioan Gruffudd
Director: Alister Grierson rating: **1/2

James Cameron fans who loved Avatar will face some disappointment watching his newly released ‘Sanctum’ but his 3D effects, shot with Fusion Camera System will enthrall.

Directed by Alister Grierson, the movie is set in Esa’ala of Papua New Guinea which is one of the biggest cave systems on the planet.

The movie revolves around a group of cave divers headed by Frank who get trapped underground and struggle to survive.

Set deep inside a jungle, the mouth of the expansive cave system (actually shot in Australia) is enormous and cylindrical. You half expect the Millennium Falcon of 'Star Wars' to come shooting out with a giant worm in close pursuit!

'Sanctum' is clearly in line with Cameron's adoration of subsurface exploration.
The movie proves that the 3-D technology developed for his 'Avatar' can be inexpensively adapted to simple genre films.

But the depth of the images adds little to the experience, and for most of the middle of the film, is entirely forgotten. The darkness of the caves, though, suits the darkened image of 3-D.

Written by John Garvin and caver Andrew Wight, 'Sanctum' claims to be "inspired by a true story." The basis is a cave trip by Wight where a perilous storm ended in all 15 surviving.
The film truthfully avoids that romantic lie of so many survivalist movies, that you can make it against all odds. 'Sanctum' allows that heroism has its limits and that death must be accepted.

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