On Tuesday, the two friends officially set the record for the most continents visited in one calendar day after visiting five continents in a span of 28 hours and 25 minutes.

Thanks to some manipulation of time zones, the duo started their trip on Friday, June, 8 2012 at 1:10 am in Istanbul and finished in Caracas, Venezuela at 10:05 pm the same day. Butterworth and Garfors completed their entire trip in £1,100 (R1.10 lakh). The duo said it took them two years to plan out the entire trip.

However, it wasn’t all smooth sailing. “We got to Casablanca at 4:00 am and went to film outside the Hassan II Mosque, which has the world’s tallest minaret, and a security guard called the police so we got into the car and ran away. Luckily no-one followed us,” said Butterworth.

Upon completing their trip, the two became minor stars in their hometowns. But as Butterworth said, this wasn’t anything new for Garfors, who he describes as an ‘extreme traveller.’ “He’s been to 174 countries,” Butterworth said.

Courtesy: Midday

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