Beloved 'Best friend'

Everyone has such friend who is very close to heart. From weakness to all your secrets, this friend knows all about you in depth. You feel relaxed to share anything with them because they won't reveal it to others. They won't desert you in any odd situation.

The world's biggest 'foodie' friend

I am sure all of us have one kind of friend who looks like an incense stick but eats like an elephant. Yes, I am talking about the biggest foodie friend. This category of friends have ultimately three aims in their life- 1 to buy food, 2- to eat food, 3- to think food. They will treat you and fill the empty spaces in your life with all available options of food present in the planet.

The overgrown 'lecturer' friend

Well, checking immature actions and advising on every step are the two main qualities of a 'lecturer' friend. You will surely find one such friend in your group who thinks about our future and will keep mentoring round-the-clock. Highlighting the consequences to end results of every decision we take, they will for sure feed in your brain with all the do's and don'ts.

Amazingly 'funny' friend

Yes, surely everyone has such friends whose kitty is always loaded with extremely hilarious jokes that will take you to an honest laughter ride. No matter how serious the situation is, they will manage to bring a smile on your face with their amazing sense of humour.

Hardcore 'workaholic' friend

No matter whether it a big party coming in or a Sunday brunch, this category of friend just knows how to work, work and work. Their entire life revolves around work. All the time you spend with them, they will remind you all sorts of pending work you need to accomplish. Well, for sure they and their work together bond with your life forever in an incredible way.

The highly 'alcoholic' friend

We all are blessed with one such friend who is always floating in alcohol. Probably, alcohol and instead of blood flows through their veins. Whether it a break-up or a birthday party, all they need is just a glass of beer. They will at a time even forget you (after getting high) but will not forget to take that extra complimentary shot. Truly, they will always keep you in 'high' spirits.

The 'two states' friends

With India comprising diverse cultures, we all have one friend from other state following different culture. From their food to dressing sense we love to admire all what they have. This category of friend will introduce you with all possible norms and traditions of other state.

The 'selfie' obsessed friend

Going for shopping? Click a selfie! Going to office? Click another selfie! Yes we all know one such friend who is highly obsessed with the growing selfie mania. They are camera addict and make sure to capture every moment of their life in the camera lens. These friends help increase your TRP with your selfies being uploaded on every social media platform that too every now and then. Isn't it cool!



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