Instead of simply taking a selfie, the app uses the phone's front and rear cameras to take two photos at the same time. They are then stitched together for easy sharing on social media.

The company said the service, first launched in 2013, was not going anywhere as it had "signed an agreement with a partner" to keep the app alive, The Verge reported on Saturday.

The app quickly gained attention, funding and over 2 million users, but last week the founder of the company, Fredd della Faille, said it could not build up a large enough user base to make the business work.

"After discussions with our team and investors, we realised that we could not reach the critical numbers that would make Frontback a sustainable social network," Faille was quoted as saying.

Their are no details of the new partner and the contract. The company states that the new partner "believes as much as we do that there's something incredible with Frontback" and they will "introduce themselves at the right time".

"This partner is fully committed to make Frontback an even better place to share your moments. We were impressed by how much they understand the platform and we will help the new team to make the transition as smooth  as possible," the company said.