Mumbai:It's a heady marriage when frozen yoghurt merges with yummy baked goodies. Offered at Churchgate's FYI or Frozen Yoghurt Inc, the menu engages the sweet tooth in a light, fluffy conversation, barring a few sour notes.

If we were a cake, we would love to be Red Velvet , that’s how much we love it. And in the past one year, frozen yoghurt has carved a cosy spot in our ice-cream dominated hearts. So, when we heard of a marriage of both options, we couldn’t wait to reach the venue.

Newly opened FYI or Frozen Yoghurt Inc (inside Café Markiv’s) opposite Churchgate station, attempts to take a route that is different from other parlours in the city by including desserts out of the oven of Deliciae Patisserie as toppings for their yoghurt swirls. FYI has another outlet at Juhu as well.

On our way to the café, the rain gods had decided to playing truant, the weather was at it’s warmest worst and we looked to the yoghurt to stage a rescue act. On the day we dropped by, they had three flavours — Original, Blueberry and Fruitella. Without much ado we went for their specials and ordered for the Banoffee Yoghurt Dessert (Rs 150).

What we expected was a rich cream and toffee mixed dessert with the lingering sweetness banana and moist cake topped with yoghurt; instead, what we got served were banana slices, a dose of caramel and crumbled biscuits. We felt cheated (but for the yoghurt, which was creamy and fresh at the same time) and decided to test it with the Fruit Meringue (R150). Thankfully, this dessert had crumbled bits of delicious meringue (just the crisp bit) topped with fresh fruit.

Meringue, being the key ingredient, could do with more bits rather than making a special appearance.Done with the dessert combos, next up for our test drive were the single serves (Rs 40 for small and Rs 30 per topping). Our first cup was Fruitella with peach topping. The yoghurt triumphed again: we loved the mix of the strawberry’s natural sweetness along with the sour undercurrents of kiwi.

The peach was of canned variety though. Next, we ordered for Blueberry topped with Red Velvet. A visual delight with its clashing colours, the dessert tasted as good as it looked. FYI scored high for all its yoghurt bases but for the Banoffee disaster. The serving sizes for single serves, unlike the dessert combos, was worth every paisa.We think FYI will shine bright in the yoghurt world if it delivers the right amounts of cheesecakes and meringues in its cups, as promised. And, as we had expected.


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