The Mini 8 is priced for Rs 6,441, Mini 25 for Rs 8,045, Mini 50S for Rs 9,147 and the Mini 90 will be made available for Rs 10,999 in the Indian retail market and also on online platforms.

“Instant Print comes out of the camera, develops gradually and gets sharpened in few minutes,” said the company's release.

The Mini 8 camera is built-in with an easy operational system for clicking pictures and adjusting the brightness. Also, it has constant firing flash feature. The Instax Mini 8 is available for purchase in five soothing colours like Pink, Blue, White, Yellow and Black.

The Instax Mini 25 features compact design and primarily is a selfie camera.

The Instax Mini 50S comes with a self-timer mode that helps users click automatic picture as per their set time.

The Instax Mini 90 sports a classic/retro look. The devices is built-in with high performance flash,  macro mode, bulb and double exposure features.