The most sought after fashion trend during spring time are the full midi skirt.

These are incredibly flattering, full midi skirt manages to draw attention to a small waist. It can also create an hourglass figure on those with a boy shaped body. The length of the attire will help you escape from tanning.

With beautiful flares and stretch, these skirts never fail to draw attention.

Heels are a must with these skirts, as the length will only make one look stumpy if worn with a pair of flats but at the same time keep in mind they don't have to be huge heels, a mid-height heel will suffice, reports a website.

One can either tuck a pretty blouse into the skirt, or pair it with a crop top; if you wish to adhere an ethnic look you can pair it with a short or mid length kurti.

At the end, accessorize yourself with funky bangles and bracelets; moreover according to the neckline of your top pick a neck piece too.