Here, we will look at some of the funniest cricket moments involving the umpires: 

Suresh Raina funnily imitates umpire Billy Bowden during India-Pakistan ODI at Chennai.

Billy Bowden shows a red card to Glenn McGrath when he was preparing to throw a delivery similar to the infamous underarm delivery by Trevor Chappell.

In the middle of an England Test match, Dickie Bird, the legendary umpire had to surrender to nature's call. He is believed to have said, “I’m very sorry, gentlemen, but nature calls”.

Daryl Harper running away from a stray dog during Sri Lanka-New Zealand Test.

Arguably one of the most entertaining cricket umpires, Billy Bowden ended up in this awkward position while chasing his hat on a windy day during the 2013 England-Sri Lanka Champions Trophy match.

Ira Shukla / JPN 

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