Judging by the manner in which a gratuitous debate was held in the Parliament on the smoldering issue of inflation, one can easily sum up to the conclusion that such emaciated efforts are not going to help the country recover from the crisis. If speech and debates in the Parliament could prevent the country from falling into the clutches of soaring inflation, it would have long back got rid off the miseries suffered by crores. For the last few years, debate on inflation has become a salient feature of the Parliament session, but it has failed to ameliorate the situation. The bitter truth stands that the inflation rates rather than coming down have shot over the roof. This too, when the Union Cabinet is being headed by an economist. Even though the conclusion of ongoing discussion in the Parliament in inflation is still awaited, the response made by Union Minister Salman Khurshid to allegations of the Opposition has exposed the Centre’s unwillingness to comprehend  it’s responsibilities. It is disturbing and objectionable that the Union Government has again held the increase in international market rates of petro-products responsible for the upsurge in inflation rates. Earlier, the Union Government used to hold poor monsoon along with international circumstances as the prime cause behind inflation. Since 2008, the UPA government has made only hollow commitment on curbing inflation. Whenever, the Union Government is put in the dock over the issue, it comes up with a new deadline to counter inflation. Undoubtedly, the Union Government is deliberately overlooking the key reasons which are accountable for the inflation. It cannot be ignored that the international market rates of petro-products certainly play a role in raising the inflation level, but it is not the sole factor giving birth to the crisis. The plight of rural economy and agriculture are among the other major reasons which have created this scenario.

Agriculture forms the economic backbone of the country and about 70 percent of the population still lives in villages. However, the country sans economic policies which could fillip the agriculture based rural economy.  The Centre as well as the state governments are responsible for the deplorable condition of rural economy. The state governments are neither able to mound pressure on the Centre to constitute polices for the betterment of agriculture sectors, nor do they undertake the required measures on their behalf to make farmers self-dependent. Even though the political parties are quick to proclaim themselves as ‘Messiah of farmers’, the ground reality is that peasants are being exploited as a mere vote bank. This is a major cause behind the failure in proper implementation of the policies meant for the upliftment of rural sector. After coming to terms with all the odds, if farmers manage to increase their agricultural yield, they are not given the true value of the produce. Mediators are reaping the benefits of the hard work put in by the farmers. It is an issue of extreme disgrace that millions of tonnes of foodgrains rot each year due to lack of storage space. It is also bound to happen in future because the appropriate policies are not being formulated despite the warnings. When the root cause is being overlooked, how can one expect the measures to bring down the inflation rate?