In principle, it seems proper that Central Bureau Of Investigation (CBI) should not be dependent for seeking permission before starting probe in cases of corruption, but it hardly seems possible that the recommendations of the Parliamentary Committee will be ever implemented in which it has been proposed to allow CBI to start probe without consent of the state governments. The reason behind this suspicion is the stand of the state governments. They can term it as a case of the infringement of their rights, the way they have been doing over the issue of NCTC. One of the reasons behind the apprehensions of the states could be the manner of probe conducted by CBI in cases of corruption. It is well known that while probing the cases of corruption against the famous politicians, how the CBI has been showing sometimes more interest and sometimes lack of interest. It is a general notion that CBI does so at the instance of the ruling dispensation at the Centre. Policy makers should be aware of the fact that this notion is gaining wider acceptability among the people for which nobody else can be held responsible. It is a good thing that the Parliamentary Committee realized that CBI should not need the consent of the state governments before starting probe in the graft cases but it should also be aware of the fact that it is too difficult to give more teeth to the CBI. It will be better for the Centre to give more and more autonomy to the top investigating agency rather than striving to implement any such proposal. If the CBI once gains autonomy, it will be free from the unnecessary intervention of the Centre. There would be no reason for the state governments to be skeptical about the intents of the investigating agency. Presently, the opposition parties consider it as the puppet of the party in power at the centre. Many a times it has been proved that the agency doesn’t work independently while conducting probe against the opposition leaders.

The Ministry of Personnel Public Grievances and Pension may give more teeth to the CBI to expedite the investigation into corruption cases, but the efforts will go in vain. If the Centre is really serious over growing corruption in the country, it will have to take some concrete steps in this regard. The ruling dispensation at the Centre is doing nothing to check this menace. Despite this, it is being claimed that the Centre is trying hard to put a check on the corruption. It cites all the legislations pending with the Parliament. What’s the importance of such legislations, which are yet to get Parliamentary nod? Since the Centre is not taking any concrete step, the message is spreading in the entire world that India is grappled with corruption.