Q: How is Indian market different from other global markets given the company's growth?

Ans: As you know RB (Reckitt Benckiser) is a global company which has more than 70 offices and our products are being sold in over 200 countries around the world. If we add all the countries then India is among the top five countries. I would like to say that those companies, which don't consider India among top five market, should rethink about it. We have been dealing in India for last 80 years and now it feels like we are an Indian company. We want to expand our business for the next 40-50 years. You will be surprised to know that 4-5 years back, India didn't even stand in the top 10 list in terms of business. But now, India comes under top 5 and soon the country will be included in the top 3 list as the growth of country is increasing rapidly.


Q: You are saying that India is heading towards top three position in terms of companies. So, this will happen with the existing brands and products or it will see addition of some new products in future?

Ans: We have huge growth opportunity in Indian market with our existing products. For example, our most successful product dettol soap is not being used in 6-7 families out of 10. Other products like hand wash and dishwasher also have less reach. I believe that in our basic products, we have immense growth opportunity and you can think that if we are getting so much growth with our existing products then what will happen if new brands will add on to this list.

Q: What is your goal for Indian market in terms of heathcare products?

Ans: We have big dreams for the Indian market and I believe that no company should enter this market with small aims. We are focusing in India that doesn't mean that we are leaving markets in developed countries. But here in India, we are seeing future growth of 40-50 years. If you compare our business growth with that of China, we have better growth. While, in India, our company is much bigger. Although, in China, we do 25 percent of our business from e-commerce.

Q: What types of new products you are planning to launch?
Ans: As I told earlier, the company is planning to make strong hold on Indian market with our new products as well as our existing products. But, right now, we are planning to cut down the price of some products to increase their reach. Products like, Dettol and Harpic are included in this list so that low-income people use them more often.

Q: RB has started 'Dettol banega swachh India' campaign after PM Narendra Modi's 'Swachata Abhiyan' campaign. Is this either marketing strategy or fully based upon CSR approach?

Ans: See, we have planned a new way for company 4 years ago, when we started focusing on healthy lives and healthy family on global basis and this was our company's strategy. We have products like, dettol, harpic and lizol which are useful. We are already working towards cleanliness and hygienic environment. Yes, after Prime Minister Narendra Modi's announcement, we got an additional platform to work upon. That's why, we decided to allocate Rs 100-crore fund for next five years.

Q: For this initiative, have you tied up with other voluntary organizations?

Ans: Yes, we are working with various voluntary organizations and one of them is 'Jagran Pahal' with which we are working in two states-Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. This collaboration is very important for us because Dainik Jagran has vast readership in these states. Through this programme we will remove the problem of open defecation in around 200 villages in two states.

Q: What is the reason behind choosing Amitabh Bachchan and Vidya Balan as your company's brand ambassadors?

Ans: The main reason behind choosing them is the connect they have with common man. Whatever they say will have a positive impact on the audience. Nobody would care if you and I say something. That is why I have chosen them to share the importance of cleanliness through digital programme campaigns. This will surely have an impact and I see them as role models not brand ambassadors.


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