Camp David: Seeking a "strong and cohesive" Eurozone, that includes debt-ridden Greece, leaders of the powerful G-8 countries have agreed to put their fiscal houses in order and accord priority to growth and jobs by revitalising the global economy.
At the end of their two-day summit here, the leaders of the G-8 -- the exclusive group of top eight economic nations made up of the US, Japan, Britain, Germany, France, Italy, Canada and Russia -- agreed that growth and jobs must be their "top priority."
"There's now an emerging consensus that more must be done to promote growth and job creation right now in the context of these fiscal and structural reforms. That consensus for progress was strengthened here at Camp David," US President Barack Obama, also host of the summit, said.
"Today we agreed that we must take steps to boost confidence and to promote growth and demand while getting our fiscal houses in order. We agreed upon the importance of a strong and cohesive Eurozone, and affirmed our interest in Greece staying in the Eurozone while respecting its commitments," Obama told reporters.
He said: "Europe is our largest economic partner. Put simply, if a company is forced to cut back in Paris or Madrid, that might mean less business for manufacturers in Pittsburgh or Milwaukee. And that might mean a tougher time for families and communities that depend on that business."
"Even as we've confronted our own economic challenges over the past few years, we've collaborated closely with our European allies and partners as they've confronted theirs," Obama said.


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