Paris: Libya's slain dictator Muammar Gaddafi used to kidnap and rape girls to fulfill his routine sexual desires reveals a new book Les Proies: Dans le harem de Kadhafi (Prey: In Gaddafi’s Harem).

Annick tried his best to reveal the truth of Gaddafi’s life and of the victims who went through the huge pain when they were in Harem. In this book, one of the Gaddafi's victims, named as Soraya (then aged 15 years) narrated that she met Gaddafi during a school function. After which, she was kidnapped by Gaddafi's guards and raped repeatedly.

Soraya tells that, initially she would oppose to have sex with Gaddafi who had tortured her. However, later she had bowed down to him. After the death of Gaddafi, all the slaves tried to live a normal life but the Libyan civilian did not let them to do so.

The book also claimed that after kidnapping the girls, they were forced to undergo blood tests to make sure they were free from sexually transmitted diseases and fit to have sex with Gaddafi.

Kozan, another victim tells that rape was a 'weapon' for Gaddafi to dominate others, especially women. Wife and daughters of ministers and rivals were also the targets of Gaddafi's voracious sensual desires.

During the Gaddafi's foreign visit, Maabruka Sherif used to accompany him and her work was to provide beautiful women to fulfill his sexual desires. In exchange of that he used to give her expensive gifts.


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