The controversial trial will be held at the Criminal South Court in Tripoli, a news agency reported on Thursday citing a statement released by Libya's General Attorney Abdul Kader Jumaa Redwan.

The session will not be open to the public. Al-Islam, Gaddafi's second-eldest son and the only son of the former President in custody in the country, will attend a preliminary hearing with 37 other Gaddafi-era officials on Thursday.

The others include Abdallah Al-Senussi, a former spy chief, and Baghdadi al-Mahmoudi, the last Prime Minister under Gaddafi's administration. During the court session, a 4,000-page file will be examined by the court prosecutor, the General Attorney said.

Al-Islam was captured by a militia group in the western mountain area of Zintan while on the run to neighbouring Niger. Amnesty International has urged local authorities to "immediately hand over" Al-Islam to the International Criminal Court, where he is wanted for crimes against humanity.

As the international court judges questioned whether Libya could give him a fair trial, they also asked authorities to hand him over to The Hague.

However, Libya decided to go ahead with the trial in Tripoli, defying the international court. Al-Islam is still being held by Zintan tribesmen and will be transferred to the court in Tripoli from Zintan.


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