Allahabad: BJP president Nitin Gadkari on Wednesday expressed confidence that its alliance with the Janata Dal (United) will remain intact notwithstanding failure of the two parties to arrive at an understanding for the Uttar Pradesh assembly elections.

"The JD(U)-BJP combine has been running a successful government in Bihar for more than six years. It would have been better had the two parties arrived at some type of understanding in Uttar Pradesh. This could not happen which is unfortunate", Gadkari told reporters here.

"However, this is not the first instance of the two parties contesting elections, outside Bihar of course, without a proper tie-up. Similar thing had happened in the Karnataka assembly elections", he pointed out.

"Both the parties contested the 2009 Lok Sabha polls as allies, despite having failed to tie-up in Karnataka a year ago. We are confident that the two parties will continue as coalition partners notwithstanding the aberrations", he added.