London: Pop sensation Lady Gaga has been named as the world's 11th most powerful woman in Forbes' top 100 list, beating Beyonce Knowles and Angelina Jolie.
The 'Poker Face' hitmaker, who was seventh in 2010 but has fallen to number 11 this time, still managed to beat TV titan Oprah Winfrey, who sits at number 14.
Gaga, 25, is the leading celebrity in the politician and businesswoman-heavy countdown and Knowles is the next big star after Winfrey at number 18.
Jolie makes at 29 through her humanitarian work and supermodel Gisele Bundchen is at 60, one ahead of Harry Potter author JK Rowling.
Germany's chancellor Angela Merkel tops the list, while US secretary of State Hillary Clinton is the runner up.