New Delhi: The joint ventures of ISRO and airport authority ‘GAGAN’ will not only provide smooth movement of aircrafts but also facilitate better vehicular, train and ship movement once its first phase kickstarts next year.

GAGAN will help track the vehicular movement on the earth, under water and in the space in real time so that terror attack like Mumbai blasts on 26 November, 2008 can be avoided.
Geo-Augmented Navigation System will function in space with the help of double standard series of radars in which one series will be at low altitude and another at the higher altitude.

Low altitude radar will monitor air, road and train traffic while high altitude radar will watch activities of ships and submarines in Indian waters and intelligence aircrafts flying in Indian territories and neibouring countries.

In Mumbai blasts, Pakistani terrorists had infiltrated into India from Karachi via sea route but Indian coast guards and navy were clueless about it. After the launch of GAGAN, enemies’ vehicles can be identified and further action will be taken against them.

GAGAN is based on Global Positioning System (GPS). Work is being done on it for the last five years. Though, it will be fully operational in 2016 but its first phase is expected to be functional in July 2013. With its launch, India will be in the league of country having the satellite navigation as well as ground navigation system.

The air, water and air transport will be safe even in the bad weather too.

It will make easy for the aircraft to land and take-off safely in inaccessible terrain like Leh and Laddakh. It will also assist security forces deployed at high altitude in Sikkim and Arunachal Pradesh. It will also help security forces in anti-naxal operation.

There will be less possibility of wandering of planes which will further save the time and fuel. Presently, the flight inspection of GAGAN’s signals is under process at Kozhikode, Hyderabad, Nagpur and Bangalore airports. As of now its results are quite satisfactory.


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