Los Angeles: Lady Gaga maybe looking ultra skinny and stunning on the cover of Vogue's September issue, but a behind-the-scenes video has revealed that the pop star was heavily airbrushed for the cover photo.
In the video, released by the fashion magazine, the 26-year-old singer looks drastically different and a whole lot curvier, leading to outrage by many publications over the excessive airbrushing, reported Radar Online.
In the behind the scenes montage of the photoshoot, her bright purple Marc Jacobs gown looks bulkier and unflattering.

"Sometimes I wonder why people bother with the original photography anymore when the end result is basically just a photo illustration," Amy Odell of BuzzFeed blogged about the shocking airbrushing job.
The discrepancies between the cover and the behind-the-scenes screen grabs are undeniable. Not only is Gaga's waist impossibly tiny and her hips drastically exaggerated, but her facial features are also chiselled and refined.
"It's no secret that magazine covers get retouched, but is Vogue's completely airbrushed September issue with Lady Gaga going too far?" said another publication.


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