New Delhi: India’s leading natural gas company GAIL has received a distinction of “World’s No. 1 company in Downstream Operation” for the year 2011.

In the Platts Global Energy Awards held at New York on December 1, GAIL was presented this honour.

According to a statement released by GAIL, “Company has received this award on the basis of its year by year growth and for ensuring incessant availability of gas to its customers.”

Also, the award has been given to the company on expansion of its infrastructure and for its contribution to the country’s growth.

The Platts jury also appreciated company’s proposal of utilizing waste in generating natural gas under its pilot project.

If the project succeeds, it could be implemented in other cities too, sources said.

GAIL is the only company from Asia to win Platts Global Energy Award this year. Till date 21 companies and individuals of seven countries have been awarded Platts Global Energy Awards.

The Platts Global Energy Awards is running in their 13th year at the present and encourages companies and individuals through awards who work for reduction of carbon emission in the environment.