Dehradun: Amid scorching fuel prices, the hope of an alternative fuel would act as a life savior for the people reeling under uncontrollable price hike. The masterplan of making petrol from plastic waste has been realized by GAIL India Limited which has committed itself to the commercial production of the plastic turned fuel.

The GAIL management will hold a final discussion with the Indian Institute of Petroleum (IIP) in December regarding the idea. Though many private companies had expressed a desire in making an alternate fuel but were discouraged by the high cost of research investment.

The IIP had formulated the procedure of turning waste plastic into petrol, diesel and liquid petroleum gas but was awaiting to utilise it in commercial purposes.

The GAIL is working on production of the alternate fuel in collaboration with the Indian Institute of Petroleum.

Dr Sanat Kumar, Senior Scientist at IIP said, “A meeting is scheduled in December to work out the final strategy of making fuel from waste plastic. Until then, the formalities of the experiment will be completed.”
He added, a pilot plant will soon be established in Delhi or Dehradun to realise the commercial form of the experiment. The foremost preference will be given to produce fuel which is atleast 40 percent cheaper than the regular fuel to attract more players in this field.

The meeting will decide that whether IIP will accept royalty from GAIL for the venture to be named as IIP-GAIL Hyphen Technology or will produce fuel in collaboration. The IIP or GAIL is also expected to issue licenses to other companies for the purpose.

100 kilograms of plastic can produce:

Petrol    70 litres

Diesel    85 litres

LPG       50 kilograms