Samsung revealed the specifications of its latest flagship device at Mobile World Congress event in Barcelona, which have amazed the tech enthusiasts around the world.

It has also given birth to a debate over the emergence of these smartphones as market leaders. While some say that Samsung has failed to meet the user’s expectations, others continue to defend Samsung’s innovative move.

It is very interesting to observe that both these smartphones are loaded with the best operating systems that are available on their respective platforms. iPhone 5s possesses iOS 7 and Galaxy S5 is powered by Andorid’s latest operating system KitKat. Though, Apple is set to launch an update iOS 7.1 for the operating system of its flagship device.

The area where Galaxy franchise takes lead is the battery and storage front, as it provides removable systems for both. On the other hand, there is no removable battery as well as expandable store in iPhone 5S. The package that Apple brings leaves Samsung far behind. Apple phone is made up of aluminum along with glass but Samsung Galaxy S5 only offers regular plastic body.

If we talk about the display front, Apple is offering a 2-inch screen while Samsung has rolled out a gigantic 5.1-inch Super AMOLED display.

It also has a fingerprint scanner on the home button, which rival Apple introduced in the iPhone 5S last year. The function can be used to protect data and provide security credentials in a swipe.