New York: A video that has teenage pranksters pretending to slip on two gallon-sized containers of liquid thrown to the floor on purpose has become a hit with the online community. The premise is simple the person walks around a grocery store holding two gallon-sized containers of colored liquid, normally milk or juice.

They creep up behind an unsuspecting customer, then throw the cartons into the air and watch them fall on the ground, media reported. The bottle explodes on the floor, and the prankster is picked up by onlookers worried that they've been injured in the "accident."

Brothers Omar, Faysal and Zayd Khatib came up with the silly stunt and uploaded a montage of their best moments on their YouTube account theCHAIZYchannel. In just 10 days, their three-minute clip had been viewed more than 2 million times.


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