On this pious occasion of 'Gandhi Jayanti' we bring to your knowledge about his five all time favorites.

Favorite food

Father of our nation was a staunch believer of 'satvik bhojan' . The food that he relished was brinjal, 'dal chawal', radish, beat root and pumpkin. Guess what! he loved to have them all boiled.

Favorite possession

Everyone talks about charkha and khadi but do you know about a special thing very close to Mahatma Gandhi? Rotary Sewing Hook! It is a device invented in 19th century. It used to be one of the favorite possessions of our beloved Gandhiji. Since he was fond of sewing in his leisured times therefore he always used to keep this little device with him.

Favorite bhajan

'Vaishnav Jan To' was Gandhiji's favorite bhajan. This hymn gave him peace of mind and created a tranquil aura around him. This bhajan was created by Narsinh Mehta originally in Gujrati language. Besides, he loved to hear 'Raghu Pati Raghav Raja Ram'.

Favorite place

Sabarmati Ashram was considered to be his favorite place. Located on the banks of Sabarmati river this ashram is also known as Gandhi Ashram or Harijan ashram. It was Gandhi's base from where he pioneered the dandi march and several other nationalistic movements.

Favorite political leader

Gopal Krishna Gokhle was Mahatma's political guru. He was a revolutionary who waged political war against the British rule.


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