Allahabad: Allahabad High Court has taken a serious note of disappearing platforms which were named after Mahatama Gandhi in Uttar Pradesh.

Even the state government does not have records of these platforms. During the hearing, Allahabad High Court observed that scores of platforms known as “Gandhi Chabootara” have gone missing from the government’s records.

Senior lawyers of the court like Umesh Narayan Sharma, Rajesh Tripathi and BD Mishra pleaded on the petition filed by secretary of Ughandhara Rural Development Institute, Ramesh Kumar Tripathi.

The court was informed that Gandhi platforms were constructed by the government between year 1951 and 1958.

A request has also been made in the petition to constitute a high-level committee to look into the case.

A bench comprising Justices SR Alam and Justices Prakash Krishna has asked the government to clear its stand in this regard and give a reply within four weeks.

JPN\ Bureau