Located in north Delhi's Kingsway Camp area, in the front yard of the over 80-year-old Harijan Sewak Sangh, the gallery instead of getting its due recognition, ironically has been "dishonoured" as many passers-by choose to relieve themselves on its boundary wall.

"Gandhiji saw sanitation as a road to social empowerment. He saw creation of toilets as a means to abolish untouchability as sanitation work was something which the society thought should be done by low caste people,"Secretary of Harijan Sewak Sangh Laxmi Dass said.

"And, therefore he envisioned this "Shauchalaya Pradarshni (toilet gallery)" in the ashram's campus to educate people about sanitation and its positive effects on society," Dass said.
Though Gandhi could not live to see his vision brought to fruition, his work was converted into a tangible form at this gallery later by well-known sanitation activist Ishwarbhai Patel, he said.

Patel, driven by the Harijan Sangh's vision, had already played a major role in establishing the 'Safai Vidyalaya in Ahmedabad (now Environmental Sanitation Institute) in the 1960s.

"And, later as envisioned by Gandhi, Patel got the toilet gallery established in Delhi at the ashram later in the 1960s. Gandhiji wanted to show the people how the building of toilets around the country was changing society and also how to use excreta manure for biogas production among others," he said.

Dass said that today Gandhi has become a symbol of the Swachch Bharat Abhiyan' started by  Narendra Modi government but "is it not sad that the man who is the face of this campaign, his (Gandhi's) own work in this area has been forgotten by people and the governments".

Talking about the gallery, he said the Sangh has a redevelopment plan ready but the maps have "not been cleared by the North Delhi Municipal Corporation."

"The fact that we have a 'toilet gallery' in our campus, it could be a major tourist attraction. We want to approach the Ministry of Tourism and propose a refurbishment plan for the ashram also," he said.

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