New Delhi: The 23-year-old gang rape victim underwent a "small operation" on Sunday after medical examination suggested fluid collection in her abdomen and was put on ventilator again as doctors said she was critical and not out of danger.

Doctors at the Safdarjung Hospital, where she is battling for life after she was attacked brutally on Sunday night last, said the victim's platelet count is fluctuating since Saturday and it stood at a low 19,000 during the last observation. A normal platelet count in a healthy individual is between 150,000 and 450,000 per micro-litre of blood.

 "Yesterday night she complained of pain in abdomen and respiratory distress. Her respiratory rate has increased and a team of doctors thoroughly examined her and conducted ultrasound and CT scan on her. She underwent a small operation today because of this," Dr B D Athani, Medical Superintendent of the hospital, told reporters here.

He said sepsis, a severe blood infection that can lead to organ failure, was one of the major concerns and noted that the bilirubin level has increased to 6.3 from yesterday's 5.9.

As the girls' platelet level is fluctuating, doctors would administer another four bottles of platelet-rich plasma to the girl, who is also suffering from high fever.

Doctors said the pain was part of sepsis and clarified that her lungs were clear.

Athani said the victim, who was taken off ventilator since Friday, was put on ventilator again due to the operation and she will be put on ventilator electively so that her condition improves.
Another doctor Sunil Jain said since the high dose of anti-biotic was not giving satisfactory results they went for ultrasound.

"It was an abdomen wash and we are keeping a close watch on her. We are checking whether there is infection. She is stable and fully conscious and also communicating," he said.

The doctors said she may need further investigation and that the girl tolerated the operation. "She is still not out of danger. We need to watch her for the next few days," he said.

Jain said the girl was given some sips of water and physiotherapy treatment has started.

Dr M C Mishra of AIIMS said she was critical and was still in the ICU. "We will watch her for the next few days," he said.


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