Bangalore, Jan 08 (Agencies): Former India captain Sourav Ganguly became the first player to be unsold in the players' auction for the fourth edition of the Indian Premier League (IPL) at Bangalore on Saturday.

Ganguly, who was in Kolkata Knight Riders, had a base price of $400,000. He failed to attract any buyer at the auction being held at the ITC Royal Gardenia. Ganguly was earlier placed in the $200,000 price bracket, but he later increased his base price to $400,000, which is the highest bracket for marquee players in the league.

Ganguly, who was the oldest Indian player up for auction at 38 years and six months, had a tough time with Knight Riders and was also removed from captaincy in the second edition in South Africa. Ganguly, however, came back to lead the side after Dave Whatmore took over the coaching from John Buchanan last year.

But Knight Riders were not interested in Ganguly and released him for the fourth edition.

During Ganguly's auction, the spotlight was on the Knight Riders' table, but the team's think tank looked down as his name was repeatedly called before he went to the unsold basket.

There were also reports that Sahara-owned Pune Warriors may buy him at a base price, but they may have changed their mind after Ganguly hiked the price.