New Delhi: The CWG-2010 has been tagged with the games of scams and scandals though, the revelation of the cost of goods which were purchased during the Commonwealth Games could make your jaw drop—a disposal glass for Rs 37, garbage bags for Rs 3, 000 each, Rs 2,000 for water jug, Rs 1,800 for brush and Rs 10, 000 for plastic chairs.

Such kind of malpractices were made in Rs 633 crore overlay tender. Due to lack of transparency in issuing tender, a major rigging was reported at purchasing items, budget estimation, selection of suppliers and rules for tenders.

The loot, executed under the nose of government, took place from February to October last year when the investigative agencies became active.

The cost of more than 150 articles was escalated beyond one’s imagination. The FIR lodged by the CBI in this regard is just a tip of an iceberg.

As per the documents available with Dainik Jagran, the difference between the minimum and maximum cost of the articles itself is a scam of Rs 200 crore.

Major suppliers in this tender-Deepali Pico, Nusli, ESAGV and JL Events- were given orders for almost Rs 571 crore.

During the first round of tender opening, the suppliers had filled Rs 1,276 for supplying all products. Later, the size of the tender was reduced to Rs 574 crore but the organizing committee reduced the number of products from the list of items to avoid any kind of loss to the suppliers.

Surprisingly, different suppliers recovered different amounts for the same product. Nusli sold a soap dispenser for Rs 187, ESAGC supplied same dispenser for Rs 9379.

One disposable glass which was supplied by Deepali Pico at the cost of Re 1 per glass, it was bought at Rs 37 per glass from ESAGV. The refrigerator which was supplied by JL Events in first cluster was priced at Rs 9,848, but the price shot up to Rs 22, 957 in the second cluster.

JPN/Anshuman Tiwary