London, Jan 10 (Agencies): At a dinner with ‘Never Let Me Go’ co- stars, Keira Knightley and Carey Mulligan actor Andrew Garfield suffered an allergic reaction and had to be hospitalized.

The three British stars grew close while filming the tense drama in a quaint seaside area of Norfolk, England and often dined together in the evenings after the shooting wrapped. But during one meal Garfield suffered from Anaphylactic shock, leaving both the actresses petrified who were immensely concerned over his well being..

The 27-year-old actor admitted he was more concerned about creating a scene in front of his glamorous co-stars rather than his health.
 "When we were filming in Norfolk, I went to dinner with Carey and Keira one night. I was sitting there in-between
these beautiful girls, when I faced an allergic reaction to something in my food.”
"I had to spend the rest of that night in hospital. Alex Garland (screenwriter) took me. I'm used to it, because
I've been hospitalized a few times because of this, but Carey was beside herself and Keira was terrified. It was just the most awkward moment ever, to go into anaphylactic shock at dinner," added Garfield.