The ex-couple washed their dirty linen in public by lashing out at each other on social media.

This ugly fight started when Kushal, during an interview said that even though he has been friends with exes, he does not even want to be friends with Gauhar Khan.

To this, Gauhar replied on her Snapchat, “It is so disappointing to read that some people need your name to make headlines even in their work articles. Get over it. There are two golden words that people can use. ‘No Comments’. You don’t need to answer everything that the journalist asks.”

Now Kushal in turn has reacted to this and tweeted, “Really ur “name” huh there is a reason an ex is called an ex Coz it’s n example of wat you shouldn’t ve again in the future.. #bubble burst.’’

Hope this fight doesn’t blow up further.

Pallavi Singh/ JPN

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