Uttarkashi: Following continuous rainfall in the Uttarkashi region, the Gangotri National Park region has been closed till July 30.

Owing to floods like situation in downstream of Gaumukh, the route has been blocked to avoid any mishap.

The Bhujgari downstream of Gaumakh route has swollen to such an extent that efforts made by the workers of the national park to prepare secondary routes has fallen flat.

On July 25, a temporary bridge was constructed over Bhujgari downstream which got washed out in floods. Similar flood like situation is in Devgaad and Cheervasa.

Speaking on the issue, District Forest Officer (DFO), IP Singh said, “Due to unfavorable weather condition, route to Gaumukh has been closed.  Forest officers are present in Bhujgari, who will ensure to construct a temporary bridge soon after the decrease in water level.”