Ballia: Amidst a massive uproar in the country over legalizing gay marriages, two youth of Ballia not only tied the nuptial knots but also befooled the Uttar Pradesh registrar office and attained legal recognition. The records at the registrar office have confirmed the same.

Sinhachavar Kala’s ChunMun Kumar who works for a wedding band company met a male dancer named Simran and got involved in a relationship with him. Interestingly, Simran had shifted to Ballia from Bareilly eight years ago. A few days ago ChunMun decided to marry Simran and reached the sub-registrar office in Ballia in feminine attire and completed the registration formalities.

As per records, the marriage of ChunMun-Simaran was registered as the 119th entry in the register. Advocates ChandraShekhar Tiwari and Surjeet Pandey were the witnesses to this unusual marriage.
Jubilant Simran said, “The concerned ‘Gram Pradhan’ has already issued a certificate recognizing our marriage on March 12.”

ChunMun who is under-aged admitted that he and Simran have already got their marriage registered at the registrar’s office and have decided to live together for the rest of their life.

On the other hand, Sinhachavar head Vidyavati Devi refused to admit that any recognition to this unusual gay marriage has been given. In this connection SP Luv Kumar said, “The matter has been taken into cognizance and if the couple is found tricking officials, a strict action will be taken against them.”