After creating ripples across the national media, the Geetika Sharma suicide case has now become a topic of discussion on the Facebook. A Facebook community page by the name ‘Justice for Geetika’ has been created on the networking site which is drawing large number of people. More than one thousand people have posted their comments on this page till now. A group by the name ‘Support for the justice of Geetika sharma's soul’ has also been created which already has 68 members.

In order to provide justice to Geetika, this initiative was started four days back. Several pictures of Geetika, Gopal Kanda and his palatial house have also been uploaded on this page. This initiative is fast garnering support from different corners. Till Monday evening 1138 people had posted their comments on the page. Most of the comments have been about Gopal Kanda.

Justice for Geetika on Facebook

1. Justice for Geetika Sharma, Arrest Gopal Kanda
Like/comments – 389

2. Justice for Geetika Sharma
Like/comments – 449

3. Justice for Geetika Sharma (Airhostess) , kill Gopal Kanda
Like/comments – 130

4. Support for the justice of Geetika sharma's soul
Members- 75


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