New Delhi: Former Haryana minister Gopal Goyal Kanda and MDLR employee Aruna Chaddha, arrested in connection with Geetika Sharma suicide case, have mentioned the name of a navy Captain, Varun, who apparently shared close relations with former air hostess Geetika.

According to reports, Geetika had met Varun few days before committing suicide. It is being speculated that Geetika may have shared her problems with Varun instead of her family members.

Cops are now looking for Varun and may ask him to assist them in the probe. The police have also traced Varun's e-mail address.

There are also reports that, cops are planning to question a woman who ran a massage centre in Sirsa. She is said to be close to Kanda, who allegedly had business dealings with her.

Earlier on Sunday, police conducted raids at Kanda’s Gurgaon residence and recovered four cellphones. It is believed that, two mobile phones were used by Geetika.

Geetika Sharma committed suicide on August 5 alleging harassment by Kanda and his employee Aruna Chaddha.


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