New Delhi: India is considered to be a young nation. The youth has not only expressed their anger through social media but also protested against government machinery. The Young India once again has realised the importance of protest this time for the justice to Nirbhaya, for the independence of women folk, to recreate the country’s rotten system. The brutal gang rape of 23 year-old paramedical student on a moving bus in Delhi on December 16 and her death shocked the entire nation and urged the Gen X to stage protest to make a sea change in the society.

Who were those youngsters?

They were the same youngsters who are seen as materialistic, spending their time in night parties, surfing and busy on social networking sites Facebook, twitter. They spend money at Pizza hut and CCD. Their lifestyle is lavish. But this time, they staged protests not only in Delhi but in the other cities as well- Mumbai, Kolkata, Patna, Bhubaneswar etc. Police resorted to lathi charge on the agitating youth who offered their bodies to the icy licks of water cannons in December’s cold. Indian youth wants a total change in the system. They are the future of the country.

Platform to protest

Around 70 percent of the population is youngsters. Even the advertising firms target youths for selling their products. Generally, youths spends more time on the social media. But this time, they used this platform to express their anger. All the networking sites were flooded with posts and comments over the burning issue. Many pages were created for justice to women folk. Aurat Bandh, one of the pages called for all the women folk to stop work on December 26 to mark the importance of the fairer sex in the society.

Several other pages like justice to Nirbhaya and Aurat bandh raised the ray of hope among the people of the country.

Demands of Gen X

Even the international media termed the protest of youth as one of the world’s largest protests against rape and sexual violence. Why the government is not taking any bold steps against the accused of gang rape case, asks Arpita, student of Jamia Millia Islamia University.
“We want the security to move freely and all those culprits should be hanged. I demand the government to do something to ensure our security,” says Nivedita a professional. Strict law should be made to check the heinous crime added Nivedita.
The youth didn’t celebrate Christmas, New Year party. They pledged to not celebrate the Republic Day. This time, they are really angry, demanding a change in the system and want themselves to be heard.

(Anita Raj/JPN)

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