"No country reaches its full potential unless and until the potential of its women population is tapped properly. Gender inequality is not a problem only in India and is not only of a particular culture but it is across cultures. We have it in India as well as in America," Sandberg said.
Only eighteen countries had women as their head, said Sandberg who pointed out that India was just marginally better with 28 percent representation of women in key posts compared to US where they had just a 23 percent representation.
"This unequal representation is a problem all across the world. We don't have enough numbers representing us at decision tables, local villages, local towns to Parliament. We are actually cheating our economic potential as we are not using the full power of the population," Sandberg said.
The 44-year-old leader was participating in a conference organized by FICCI Ladies Organization in association with Random House India as part of a five-day visit to the country.
Addressing a room full of mostly women from various walks of life, Sandberg shared inspiring insight into what motivates and sustains women in leadership position. She encouraged women to pursue their ambitions by learning to ‘lean-in’ to opportunities rather than adopting a ‘lean-back’ stance.
"Be it business or home, put gender on the table and discuss it. Then only will every single person be given equal opportunity and will be treated equally," Sandberg, a mother of two children said.
Ranked among the most powerful women in business, Sandberg has had a long association with India since she began her career working with the World Bank in India between the years 1991 and 1993.
"Many of my views on women come from the experience I had in India here. I learned in the halls of India government, the villages that if you want to make your wife, your daughter happy then you have to treat them with equality," Sandberg said.

In her first book "Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead," co-authored by Nell Scovell in 2013, Sandberg wrote about her experience of the professional world and views on the lack of women heading top jobs across the globe.
The book sold more than one million copies and was stated as the bestseller since its launch.
"As we know the world is ruled by men and I feel we can do much better than them if we receive the proper support and equality at our workplace as well as our home," Sandberg said.
The COO-author expressed that opportunity and equal rights for women could be achieved only by women themselves.
"Women have to address these three very important point- address stereotypes which hold women back in achieving their goals and dreams, more women representation in leadership position and more balance at home," Sandberg said.


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