Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has once again invited frontal assault from political parties by hailing Pakistan premier as man of peace during the SAARC summit, which reminisces of the ripples created after he made statement during the joint declaration in Sharm-el- Sheikh. The nation would like to the reason about Manmohan Singh’s statement for his Pakistani counterpart. Indian establishment must not forget, a few days before Gilani came to attend the SAARC summit, the Pakistan Government ousted Jamaat-ud-Dawa from the list of terror outfits. India is in the know that Zaki-ur-Rehman Lakhvi, a Lashkar terrorist involved in the Mumbai attack, has been a mastermind for the terror activities despite being incarcerated and Pakistan Home Minister Rehman Malik safeguarded Hafiz Saeed in Maldives itself. It is quite surprising, the Indian government, on the one hand, is accusing Pakistan of not taking action against the perpetrators involved in the Mumbai mayhem despite enough evidences given to Pakistan, on the other Manmohan Singh is holding high words for his Pakistani counterpart. After all, what is the reality? Had Gilani been a man of peace and committed to solve the flashpoints between the two countries, the Foreign Secretary would not have given explanation about Manmohan Singh’s proposition. According to the Foreign Secretary, the PM’s observation regarding Gilani is based on the recent talks and meetings held with him. How can India make such a goof by delivering statement that Pakistan is having serious for punishing the perpetrators involved in Mumbai attack on the basis of dialogue between these countries?

It would be playing with the emotion of Indian people, if the relation between the two countries is being warmed by keeping aside the issue of Mumbai terror attack. India will get nothing if the Mumbai issue is suppressed in the name of building trust between the two countries. How long can India afford to keep its eyes closed on the terror activities being sponsored by Pakistan? Well , Gilani has phrased out during the meeting with Manmohan Singh that action would be taken against the perpetrators involved in the Mumbai attack, but such sorts of statements have been made by Pakistan umpteenth times and no concrete has been taken in this regard. There is a cynicism about Gilani’s statement, as the world knows that the Pakistan government is swayed by the Army and ISI. It cannot be ignored that blame game should be stopped in order to boost the relation between the two countries, but it does not mean that bitter truth should be put under the carpet. Fair enough, there is exchange of olive branches between the premiers of the two nations during a meeting at the international forum, but it seems that Manmohan Singh has infact gone emotional and crossed the limit while showering encomiums on his Pakistani counterpart.