London: Hollywood superstar George Clooney has offered to babysit Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's six kids if Pitt wins the Best Actor award at the Academy Awards.

50-year-old Clooney, who has earlier said he doesn't want kids, is up against Pitt for the prestigious accolade and the pair have made a bet with each other on the outcome, as reported.
If Pitt takes home the award for his role in 'Moneyball', then Clooney will have to take care of all the kids for the night so he and Jolie can go out.
But if Clooney wins, Pitt will work a full day as a deckhand on the actor's yacht in Italy's Lake Como.
Clooney had previously said seeing Pitt and Jolie with their brood has put him off fatherhood for life.
"Even one kid running around my villa makes me nervous, so I'm definitely not a candidate for father of the year! If I need to surround myself with children and feel like I have this big extended family, I can always call Brad and Angie and ask them to stay with me, just to remind me why I'm so happy without kids," Clooney said.