Mumbai/Pune (Agencies): Disparity in opinion has started appearing in the elite Maharashtra ATS' probe into the year-old German bakery blast case with police claiming the use of a mobile phone alarm as cause behind the explosion, while forensic experts are yet to decipher the triggering mechanism.

In its charge sheet, ATS claimed that wanted accused Mohsin Chowdhury and Yasin Bhatkal and arrested accused Himayat Baig went to Mumbai to purchase a sack and a Nokia 1100 model mobile phone which was subsequently used as a triggering device to cause the bomb explosions.

According to the charge sheet, the explosives were planted in the sack and kept at the German bakery at 1700 hours on February 13, 2010.

"...the bomb subsequently exploded at 18.50 hours triggered with the help of mobile alarm triggering device thereby causing death of 17 people and seriously injuring 56," the ATS claims in the charge sheet.
However, no mention of any mobile phone in the forensic tests has set alarm bells among the investigators including the National Investigating Agency (NIA).

Repeated queries to the ATS by other probe agencies for providing the International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) number did not fructify. The ATS had now informed the Pune court that it would be submitting a fresh set of documents before it on February 22.

Last week, Union Home Secretary G K Pillai had termed the case as "unsolved" along with the blast cases in Delhi's Jama Masjid area and Varanasi.

Asked whether the investigations into the German bakery case were complete, Pillai said, "Still it is unsolved." and added that the modus operandi used in the Pune blast was different from that in Varanasi and Delhi.

The Pune Bakery blast case was jinxed for ATS Maharashtra when it first arrested a youth Abdul Samad from Mangalore and accused him of carrying out the blast. However, they were left red faced after no evidence was provided about his role.

ATS chief Rakesh Maria, after showing arrest of Baig and naming him as Lashker-e-Taiba chief for Maharashtra, had committed a faux pas when he claimed that the accused had been present in Pune where as ATS Deputy Inspector General, Ravindra Kadam, who was posted in Pune, rejected that Baig had ever visited Pune.

Baig, who has been granted audience with his counsel A Rehman, has contended that he was picked up by ATS weeks before the blast at Pune's German bakery had taken place in connection with a petty crime.