Kolkata: Exploring the dynamics of socio-cultural change, a documentary by a team from Germany will offer an insight into the process that has shaped up the current outlook of Kolkata.

For Berlin-based photographer Malte Pietschmann and his team, who have been shooting in Kolkata since last October, it is "time to take a closer look" at the eastern metropolis.

"After visiting almost all parts of India a number of times, I have got the impression that Kolkata's presence in the global media landscape has been considerably underrated comparing to the coverage of Mumbai, Delhi, and Bangalore. I believe, it is time to take a closer look to a city that used to be a cultural hub of India: Kolkata," Pietschmann said.
"What has happened to India's former cultural capital? What socio-cultural movements are taking place here nowadays and how does it affect that status quo? This is what my film sets to explore," said Pietschmann.

Aiming to capture on celluloid the evolution of the city, the film has been shot in a variety of locations in the city to portray its real essence.

"Local people have generously offered their support by showing us around and introducing us to the real Kolkata, which we are truly grateful for. We have tried to capture life in Kolkata from different angles," said the lensman, who refused to divulge its storyline as the film is in it's early production stage.


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