Lucknow: Inviting skilled workers from India, German Ambassador Michael Steiner on Wednesday said over the years Germany has opened up for outsiders making it easier for Indians to work in the country.
"We need Indian students, we need skilled workers, we need Indian specialists to come to Germany to learn and also to work. It is much easier now," Steiner told while addressing students at a function at Kendriya Vidyalaya here.
The German Ambassador to India said ten-twelve years ago it was difficult for outsiders to work in the country, but the situation has changed over the years as people in Germany have realised the need to open up the country.
"In the past it was pretty difficult, because we were the society when you wanted to come in as tourist. As someone who wants to work or someone wants to study, it was pretty difficult to do that," he said.
Steiner also exhorted students to learn languages, especially German, as it opened several avenues for them and increased their chances for future jobs.
"We are talking different languages. It of course makes sense to learn German. Why does it makes sense to learn German. First thing it is obvious it enriches you, it calls you to have you much broader horizon. Secondly, it increases enormously your chances when it comes to your future job."
Steiner also said that learning the language would bring the two countries closer.
"It brings countries together. It is good for our country because we would like to have as many people as possible who learn German so that you can also enter but its also good for you...its good for India as a whole," he said.
The ambassador also shared his experience of visiting a village during his two-day tour yesterday.
"We drove to a little village which has no electricity and it was really fascinating to see there was an organization which has a programme which is called lightning one billion lives," he said.
"We had the chance to visit some villagers and to see how the programme functions and I must tell you that it was something I would not forget," he added.


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