Berlin (Agencies): Chancellor Angela Merkel’s ruling coalition in Germany has offered Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak refuge if he asks for it. Mubarak may travel to the country for medical treatment.

“If Germany can make a constructive contribution to bring about a peaceful transition in Egypt by enabling Mubarak to travel to this country, then we should take him, if he wants," said Andreas Schockenhoff, deputy parliamentary leader of Merkel's Christian Democratic Union.

Elke Hoff, security policy spokesperson of coalition partner Free Democratic Party, said she would welcome Mubarak's early departure for Germany if it helps to stabilise the situation in Egypt.

"This is not a political asylum," she said.

An "extended medical check-up" in Germany is one of the options being considered for a honourable departure for the President after more than three decades in power.

He had spent three weeks at the hospital in March last year to remove the gall bladder and a small intestine polyp.

The hospital is prepared to receive him for another medical check-up at any time, a hospital spokesman said.