The watch features Bluetooth® SMART for smartphone linkage which enables the watch and a phone to link, and the watch may act as a remote control of the phone's music player. The new G'MIX music app provides a new level of personalization to music playback. The G'MIX App in combination with the G'MIX GBA-400, makes music playback more enjoyable than ever.

The watch comes with inbuilt SoundHound technology with one-touch, enables users to search for music that is playing around them in the gym, cafe, or club, and returns the song title on the watch display.

G-Shock GBA-400 comes with the big rotary switch at 3 o’clock, which can be used to jump between songs, control the music volume, or adjust sound attributes with an equalizer function. With Song Title search function, the touch of a button lets you look up the title of a song playing in your location and display it on the watch.

The dial at 9 o’clock, which indicates the current connection status between the watch and phone, is designed to resemble a turntable, adding to the musical motif of these models.

You can even use the watch to produce a variety of different sound effects on your phone. Users can enable Automatic Home Time and World Time setting adjustment at a preset time each day while configuring World Time (approximately 300 cities), alarms, timer, and other watch functions from their smartphone.

The complete range is available at Casio exclusive outlets and multi brand outlets across the country with an attractive price range of INR 9,495.