A popular tattoo expert draws a comparison between temporary and permanent tattoos:

*While permanent tattoos appeal to those who don't mind getting poked with needles for having a beautiful design on their body, temporary ones are for those who want a tattoo without going through the painful process.

Hygiene can be a big concern when it comes to a permanent tattoo. But one can truly experiment without the risk of infection with a temporary tattoo.

Permanent tattoos are generally for life, whereas temporary ones offer flexibility. One can try on as many designs as one wants to.

One can also be more adventurous with temporary tattoos compared to permanent tattoos. Just think of any occasion or range -- cool, funky, wild or childish -- and you can have your tattoo; because they are temporary, so there is no risk of being stuck with an experimental permanent tattoo.

It takes a lot of time to get a permanent tattoo, whereas a temporary one can be applied within a minute.

Permanent tattoos are much more expensive than temporary ones.


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