New Delhi: A good news for people who are tired of dealing with their maid's tantrums as a newly invented home-cleaning robot will do the job for them.

The domestic robot cleaners have been launched by the Milagrow HumanTech Company and it costs around Rs 9,990 and Rs 16,990.

One of the surprising specialties about Milagrow’s robots is their self-recharging capability during its duty cycle. So.there is need to replace batteries again and again.

The robots are designed for use on any kind of surface. 

They will work on programming and once they have been programmed as per the work and dimension of any house it will need no further guidance on routine work. 

Rajiv Karwaal, founder of Milagrow said, “These robots have self-charging capability and batteries will have durability of minimum two years. The batteries will be available at a very low price of Rs 1200.”

“The age of these new technological Robotic cleaners will be of minimum five years” he added.

“Our main aim is to target middle class, who spends huge amount of money on their maids. These Robots will be really helpful to them” Karwaal said.

“The more advanced and specialized robots capable of cleaning swimming pools, colonies, and streets are already on the manufacturing tray which will roll out into the market soon” he said.

Karwaal also added “We are sure….by 2015, a lakh number of household will be using this 1newly invented cleaning Robots.”