Norris Ogario, founder and creative director of Ogario London salon, suggests the following to manage thinning hair:

1.     Ask your hairdresser for styling tips: Shorter cut will help when it comes to thinning hair and adding in some layers to create body and movement.

2.     Try a different parting: A sweeping fringe can be great at creating the illusion of thicker locks.

3.     Hair styling and care products: When it comes to styling products, beware of going overboard and using too many as this will just make locks look flat. Use just one volumising product applied to the roots and gently blow dry hair upside down to build volume. It’s also important to choose a conditioner that consists of natural ingredients as they are kinder to the hair.

4.    Check diet: Excessive hair thinning can be a sign that something is lacking in your diet, so try and increase your intake of iron rich foods and those that include zinc such as eggs, shellfish and seeds.


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