The users can update the Pebble to the latest firmware released last week (v2.9) and can get the latest Pebble Android app (v.2.3.0) from the Google Play Store.

For iOS users, Pebble integrated all notification actions available (dismissal) to Bluetooth accessories.

Integrating Pebble with Android Wear is to the open approach Google built into Android’s notification system. The company hope more mobile operating systems follow suit no matter their smartphone choice—can take advantage of all the features.

Of the 4.6-million smartband devices that were shipped globally during the past 12 months, just 720,000 were powered by Google's wearable device operating system.

It may still be early days for the consumer smartwatch market but, according to research firm Canalys, it's Samsung and Pebble that have taken an early lead.

Although the Canalys report is based on its own data, Pebble, the Kickstarter-born smartwatch company, has already officially announced that it shipped over 500,000 smartwatches in 2014 and has shipped 1 million watches in total since it started in business in 2013.