Patna: Bihar Chief Minister during an assembly session on Tuesday advised the members of the house to keep themselves well informed on agriculture related matters. The statement was aimed mainly at the opposition party.

During a discussion on the ‘Agriculture Roadmap’ Nitish Kumar said, “In Maharashtra each and every political worker knows about how much rainfall the state received in a particular season.”

Lashing out at the MLAs he said, “People talk big about food crisis and surplus supply but fail to discuss basic issues. Instead people should sit with the farmers and listen to their problems. This will change their perspective.”

Nation’s first Agriculture institute was opened in Bihar

Nitish reminded people that the first agriculture institute of the country was opened in Samastipur. He said, “The institute was named as ‘Imperial Agriculture School’ initially but was later renamed as ‘Pusa Research Institute’. After the earthquake in 1934 it was relocated to Delhi. There is no place as ‘Pusa’ in Samastipur. It was named after the American scientist Philips working here. He was called Philips of the USA or the ‘P’ of ‘USA’ and that’s how the institute was later called ‘PUSA’.”

The Chief Minister in his speech also mentioned the possibilities of food processing in the state.